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Energize Ignite
 In order to make the most of the growing season, farmers and gardeners are turning to a natural soil inoculant, to boost their success. Those who have used SumaGroulx have had yield increases of at least 20% simply by using it along with their traditional fertilizer program. Other growers, however, have decided to take it a step further and eliminate chemical fertilizers altogether.

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Taurus Sulfur
Activated Compost (see attachements sent earlier)
Bioactive Supercharger (see attachements sent earlier)

Bio Gel
TerraNu HI-P –  Homogenized fertilizer granules create a user-friendly product that handles and applies well individually or blended with other dry fertilizers. Planter save to mix right with your winter wheat seed.
T TerraNu Hi-P - TerraNu®

Bio Cal - Bio-Cal® is an exclusive, proprietary blend of multiple calcium sources ranging from soluble to time-released.  A catalyst for helping everything else in your program improve, Bio-Cal calcium soil amendments can unlock your soil’s full potential today for healthier, stronger plants all season long.
Bio-Cal® Calcium Soil Amendments | Midwestern BioAg

Bioactive™️ by Purple Cow Organics is a group of liquid products focused on improving soil biology. These include broad-spectrum biologicals that preserve and deliver diverse beneficial microbes. Our products stimulate growth and improve plant vigor and nutrient uptake to increase your yield and help your margins. Focusing on soil health can improve tolerance against drought, salt, heat, and stress. All biology in Bioactive™️ products is naturally occurring with no synthetic or lab-grown additives. [Link]

BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ (formerly CX-1) is a liquid biological concentrate that preserves and delivers diverse beneficial microbes for agricultural and horticultural applications. LiquiLife stimulates growth and improves plant vigor and nutrient uptake. It may also improve tolerance against drought, salt, heat, and stress. It is a biological product that accelerates microbial activity in the rhizosphere. All biology in LiquiLife is naturally occurring with no synthetic or lab-grown additives. Add LiquiLife to provide a diverse buffet of biology for your plants! [Link]

Fueled by Small Particle Carbon Technology
Enhance soil and plant health with one easy-to-use liquid: BIOACTIVE LiquiLife+™ (formerly CXPro). This is a 100% plant-based liquid biological, containing broad-spectrum beneficial microbiology. Thousands of fungal and bacterial strains are driven to the soil and plant by small particle carbon that shields exudates and metabolites, enhancing the rhizosphere. LiquiLife+ is an effective and flexible tool for building soil health and nutrient use efficiency throughout the growing season. Approved for certified organic growers, as well as in conventional systems. [Link]

Activated Compost
Activated Compost is an OMRI Listed, plant-based compost which has gone through a Secondary Activation Phase. In this stage organically approved ingredients are added at a specific time, resulting in a unique bio-catalytic effect, where microbial life flourishes. Nutrients are metabolized by microbes in the compost and are more readily available to your plants. Purple Cow Activated Compost makes nutrients more available for plant uptake and is an ideal amendment to improve soil and growing media. [Link]

Bioactive Supercharger
Bioactive Supercharger does exactly what the name says: It supercharges your plants, providing them with living organisms and trace minerals to produce nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits. When your plants are healthier, you are healthier. Bioactive Supercharger contains humates and kelp meal - which provide Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium, and other trace minerals. It is a soluble powder that is meant to be used in Bioactive LiquiLife™, Bioactive LiquiLife+™, or water, and is an easy-to-use way to feed your plants "immediately." [Link]